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Wretched Roleplaying Game

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Are you ready to embrace your inner anti-hero and delve into the dark, cinematic world of the Wretched Role-Playing Game?

In the Wretchedverse, you'll get to take on the role of anti-heroes in a variety of settings, from dark fantasy to post-apocalyptic fiction and everything in between. This is the revised version of the old-school rules that have been used in prior releases by The Red Room. We are now publishing this in preparation for the second edition of the previously published titles, which will be setting books, including some rules variations, instead of full games.

You will notice a few changes, but the revised rules are entirely compatible with the first iteration of The Red Room's Wretchedverse and this book is easily adaptable to earlier editions of the most famous roleplaying game. To get wretched you need nothing else but this book and a few dice, though you can find several titles already
published for the Wretchedverse.

For fans of 1980s Conan rip-offs, Wretched Bastards offers a dark fantasy world to explore. If you prefer spaghetti westerns, Wretched Country allows you to ride off into the sunset as a gunslinging anti-hero. For a more historically accurate setting, Wretched Époque immerses players in a world of horror in 19th century Paris. Fans of exploitation movies from the late 1960s to the 1990s can indulge in their favourite genre with Wretchploitation. Those who enjoy future noir will love Wretched New Flesh, where you can explore a dystopian Moroccan city inspired by the works of William S. Burroughs, William Gibson, and David Cronenberg. Wretched Space and
Wretched Apocalypse offer exciting sci-fi adventures in a sleazy space opera game world and a post-apocalyptic fiction game, respectively. Finally, Wretched Darkness delves into the darker side of human nature with its horror/urban fantasy setting.

These are the ones already available, but other settings are planned, such as Wretched Vigilantes, a street-level super-heroes game world. Whether you're a seasoned
veteran or a newcomer to the OSR, Wretched has something to offer everyone.