Wretched New Flesh

Wretched New Flesh

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Wretched New Flesh - Postcards from Avalidad is a near-future sci-fi/horror game inspired by William S. Burroughs, David Cronenberg, William Gibson, and Clive Barker.

The story is centred on Takeda Technologies, a Japanese corporation conducting research in genetics, cybernetics, augmented and virtual reality, and biotechnology.

They had a significant breakthrough, sometime before the beginning of the story, by dealing with supernatural entities, whose leading representative in our world lives in
disguise as a human millionaire.

Hideo Kobayashi, head of a vast economic empire, furnished Takeda with future tech for reverse engineering in exchange for control over their business and the products of their research. 

Though Takeda accepted the deal – and sold his soul to the "Devil" in the process – he has managed to conceal some of the more ambitious projects from Kobayashi. At least until the story starts.

This darkly surreal tech-noir game setting combines cyber, bio and psi punk to create a Burroughsian nightmare world of decadence, drugs, Libertarianism, violence, glamour
and oppression.