Gamergate: the Card Game

Gamergate: the Card Game

Postmortem Studios
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This is a digital print-and-play edition, hardcopy can be bought at The Game Crafter.

Gamergate the Card Game commemorates THE defining culture war of this generation – by taking the piss out of all sides.

  • Comics fans had Frederic Wertham.
  • Tabletop gamers had Pat Pulling.
  • Computer games previously had Jack Thompson.

Now, all we have to contend with are upper-middle-class people with blue hair, buckling under crippling white guilt… fighting trolls.

A two-player adversarial game, you’ll compete with the Social Justice Warriors trying to get away with egregious breaches of ethics before Gamergate can create enough of a fuss and social pressure to expose them, all the while flaming each other on Twitter, screaming for attention and being trolled hard.