Bloodsucker - The Batshit (Xpress Edition)

Bloodsucker - The Batshit (Xpress Edition)

Postmortem Studios
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OK, so, you like watching Star Trek on occasion. Maybe you wrote in to try and stop Firefly being cancelled. Maybe you got a bit out of sorts when the reboot of Battlestar Galactica had Starbuck as a woman. Maybe you even got a flash of anger when The Daleks went from being genocidal pepper pots to
the Mighty Morphing Nazi Rangers.

It's not like you wear a Starfleet uniform to work is it? It's not like you believe that
Twilight is real and that you're going to be swept off your feet by a glittery vampire.

It's not as though you honestly believe that you're the reincarnated soul of a
half-elf, half-ocelot who protrudes into the collective unconscious in the form of obscure Japanese Hentai Games.

It's not like you rugby-tackled David Duchovney while he was out jogging,
screaming that you ‘believed' and that the smoking man was after you.

You're not THAT guy.

But The Batshit... they ARE that guy.