All New Autopsy 002

All New Autopsy 002

Postmortem Studios
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Polished and expanded material from Postmortem Studios blogs for our games, and many others. A gaming magazine like what we used to have, back in the day.

This issue includes:

  • Social Networking in games (@ctiv8)

  • Bladesoul Magic for Pathfinder/3e

  • Cantrip Comprehensive for Wizkid

  • Grim's Tales: Low Fantasy

  • Barnet Fair for Neverwhere

  • Loligoths for Bloodsucker

  • Wormlings and more for LotFP

  • An Urban Faerie adventure

  • Merits and Flaws for '45

  • Deus Ex in CP2020

  • Reclaiming the Orc

  • Agents of SWING: An ersatz Randall and Hopkirk

  • Thinking Gaming