In the Mouth of Hell

In the Mouth of Hell

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On the night of December 8th 1901, British occultist Ambrose Fanshaw was murdered by a
Portuguese friend, poet and student of occult lore, Artur Corvelo, while staying in Portugal.
Fanshaw was thrown off Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell), a steep cliff near Cascais, by his
associate Corvelo.

Teodoro Albergaria, the lighthouse keeper of the nearby Santa Marta phare, witnessed the murder and testified in court. Even though Fanshaw's body wasn't found, Corvelo was trialled, convicted of murder and jailed. However, the poet mysteriously vanished from prison two months after being sentenced. The police are flabbergasted by the scholar's vanishing act.

But the real story is a little more convoluted than that...