Wightchester: Prison City of the Damned

Wightchester: Prison City of the Damned

Postmortem Studios
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You can download a free playable preview of Wightchester to use in your existing campaign here.

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A complete and self-contained city-crawl setting for lovers of horror and history.

Wightchester is a must-read for players seeking a challenging and terrifying game. The book describes a world where the Great Comet of 1666 passed through the sky, causing the dead to rise from their graves. The rising was worst in England, where the dead from the plague and the recent Civil War arose en masse, overwhelming the city of Whitchester, which was subsequently sealed up tight and walled off, becoming Wightchester.

The city is now a prison for criminals tasked with reclaiming it and facing certain death from the undead should they fail. The book's setting is meant to be used with the Grimdark ruleset, 5th Edition D&D, Mork Borg or OSR systems, with the game aiming to be more deadly and brutal than traditional D&D.

The book includes a table of crimes that players can choose from or roll randomly to give the character an appropriate backstory. The book also provides a detailed history of the town of Whitchester (now Wightchester), from prehistoric times to the Dark Ages and beyond, as well as a complete bestiary for all the included systems and new rules and classes for Mork Borg.

  • Do you want to try and escape?
  • Do you want to create a fortified place to live within the prison?
  • Do you want to clear the entire city of the undead and earn your release?