MetaCards - A System Neutral Roleplaying Prompts

MetaCards - A System Neutral Roleplaying Prompts

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This is a digital print and play download.

Hardcopy can be purchased at The Gamecrafter - Main Pack - Booster Blanks

MetaCards provide a means to encourage roleplay and verisimilitude in your TTRPG games.

MetaCards are a generic system that can be overlaid on top of any other game system.

The cards provide prompts to roleplay in a certain way. The players can then represent a certain mood or perform certain actions that can provide verisimilitude for games that are designed to seem 'real', or thematic cues for games that are more narratively focused.

The players are encouraged to follow the cards by a small, mechanical, near-universal bonus. Decks can be customised with prompts specific to your group or campaign if you're seeking to encourage a specific kind of roleplay. You could customise the deck to prompt players in a horror game to do stereotypical horror-movie things, or those in a romantic fantasy game to engage with the romantic preconceptions of that genre.

This is meant to be introductory, allowing you to take the concept and run with it for your own games.